Who We Are

Gut Love was founded by registered dietitian & fellow IBD warrior, Ashley Hurst

Ashley Hurst, MS, RD, LD

As someone living with Inflammatory Bowel Disease, I’m very aware of how difficult it is to live with the up’s and downs of living with a lifelong gut issue. In the process, I’ve grown to understand the huge value of having health care providers you trust and tools you can use when things don’t go as planned. 

It’s important to recognize that supplementation won’t rid us of IBD, but using evidence backed options can be used in a way to complement our treatment path.

Consult with your healthcare team if you aren’t sure if our products are right for you – which hopefully includes a GI or IBD focused dietitian! 



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Ashley’s Expertise

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Registered Dietitian with advanced training and specialization in using nutrition to help reduce IBD symptoms and risk of flares
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Experience working directly with supplement development, manufacturers, and product sourcing
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Understands the unique challenges IBD patients face through experience as a practitioner and as an IBD patient

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 Master’s degree in Medical Nutrition Therapy with a thesis completed on utilization of probiotic strains for Ulcerative Colitis