Boswellia promotes healthy joints, connective tissue and colon function. The herbal supplement is best known for its use for as an anti-inflammatory agent and joint support.

Serving Size: 1 Capsule
Servings Per Container: 120

$35.97 or $28.35 every 4 months

Anti-Inflammatory Tools

Our collection of anti-inflammatory supplements was curated to help reduce the inflammation response for those with IBD, as well as provide overall joint support and better gut health.

What’s Different?

Omega HP

Omega 3’s can be helpful in reducing inflammation and disease activity in IBD; Omega 3 fatty acids tend to increase a friendly gut bacteria called Akkermansia muciniphila. Higher levels of this gut bacteria seem to correlate with a healthier gut barrier.

EPA/DHA: A common recommended amount of EPA/DHA in adults with IBD is 1g-3g EPA/DHA per day, which can be accomplished through food or by supplement. If opting for a supplement, choose an enteric coated fish oil capsules with 2-3 grams of EPA/DHA for the most benefit regarding inflammation reduction and maintaining remission of IBD.


Boswellia serrata is another potent anti-inflammatory working on similar pathways as mesalamine that has been studied against and with IBD medications. Studies show Boswellia serrata can be equally as effective as some IBD medications when dosed appropriately yet better tolerated (Source) as well as inducing remission in IBD (Source, Source).


Curcumin is a potent anti-inflammatory and rich in antioxidants, which work on similar pathways like mesalamine (Source). The form most well-studied in IBD and showing the most positive results is Curcumin Meriva (Source). Curcumin Meriva alongside IBD medications can produce superior treatment results (Source).

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